IT consultant, author … and now raconteur

While I cannot claim to be Austin Powers’ “International man of mystery,” I have described myself as “International IT consultant and author” as my simple online description across numerous sites for many years.

I’m happy to announce a groanfully awful addition, with my latest book now hitting Amazon.Com – The greatest, most awesome collection of Dad Jokes … ever. It’s on the Kindle bookstore at both Amazon.Com and (among other markets) and is also a print-on-demand paperback at Amazon.Com.

Tomorrow it goes free for three days, so check it out now but grab a copy then 😉

Many of you may have heard my stories of IT transformation, leadership and team building, whether online at iTWire or in person at a conference or event, but now you can also suffer the stories my children get, too.

I even get a nifty author page.

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