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I am an experienced and professional conference journalist, providing quality coverage that delivers value in excess of the sponsorship to host me. I take my work seriously, both to your organisation and to my readers, CIOs and other business and technology leaders.

Please contact me if you would like me to cover your conference. I can also perform public speaking, panel hosting and other services.

Here is recent coverage, plus testimonials.

SAS Innovate, Orlando, May 2023

I’m humbled to be counted in the “who’s who” at SAS Innovate.

Zebra Technologies partner summit, Bali, March 2023

Philips Evnia brand launch, Paris, October 2022

VMware Explore, San Francisco, August/September 2022

Splunk .conf, Las Vegas, June 2022


Thanks for sharing another great article! This is excellent, even more informative than our press announcements and with key quotes from our executives ☺. 

Snowflake Summit, Las Vegas, June 2022

GitHub Universe, San Francisco, November 2019

NetApp Insight, Las Vegas, October 2019

Oracle Open World, San Francisco, September 2019

SAS Global Forum, Dallas, April 2019

Microsoft Data + AI technology immersion, Seattle, March 2019

Epson Formula 1, Melbourne, March 2019

HPE Discover, Madrid, November 2018

GitHub Universe 2018, San Francisco, October 2018

Splunk .conf 2018, Orlando, October 2018


“Thanks for sharing – a really nice piece!”

SIGGRAPH 2018, Vancouver, August 2018

Symantec security centre unveiling, Chennai, July 2018

Computex 2018, Taipei, May/June 2018


  • “We absolutely loved having you on this trip! One of the nicest people in the industry I have met, so it was a real pleasure having you along – you definitely went above and beyond, so thank you!”

Red Hat Summit 2018, San Francisco, May 2018

Oracle+NetSuite SuiteWorld, Las Vegas, April 2018


  • “You’re an absolute pleasure to work with and you certainly do what you say you will do!”

SAS Global Forum, Denver, April 2018


  • Thanks David, really well written and David Bowie send his thanks as well for dealing with the topic with sensitivity and to help destigmatise it.”
  • “Feedback from Oliver was that he really enjoyed the interview with you.”
  • “You have been exceptional with the publicity for SAS.”
  • “Thanks, David, you work amazingly fast. Appreciate the coverage.”

AWS re:Invent 2017, Las Vegas, November 2017

Coates Hire Newcastle 500 Supercars, Newcastle, November 2017


  • “David, this story is terrific and articulate. Appreciate you taking the time to learn how Acer makes a difference to our team and car racing.”

OpenStack Summit 2017, Sydney, November 2017

VMworld vForum, Sydney, October 2017

Oracle OpenWorld, San Francisco, October 2017

Splunk .conf 2017, Washington, DC, September 2017


  • “That’s a great article, David. I’m so glad you dug into a few regional details with Sherrie too for you to have a few quotes on ANZ / APAC trends. I really think you nailed it as far as the challenges GEN is facing, including information sharing mandates. I’ll flag this to Sherrie now and am sure she’ll be pleased.”
  • “Big thanks David! A great meaningful story! Especially love your personal sharing at the beginning =)”
  • “… You’re definitely on our list for next year =) Thanks for all the great articles.”
  • “… the team at Splunk reiterated how they really enjoyed hosting you! Thanks again!”

Oktane17, Las Vegas, August 2017

VMworld 2017, Las Vegas, August 2017

SAS Analytics Insight 2017, Sydney, August 2017

Oracle+NetSuite SuiteWorld 2017, Las Vegas, April 2017


  • “… it was a great piece that really was spot on in terms of what Adaptive Insights offers. I have enjoyed all of your other coverage from the event as well. Enjoy the rest of your time in Las Vegas!”
  • “Thank you again David for taking time to meet with us today.  It was a pleasure to meet you.  I am really impressed with how thorough and accurate you were in your story based on our discussion, well done!”

Qantas in-flight Wi-Fi, in the air, April 2017


  • “This is great. In fact it surpasses my expectations. A very fair report of our system, while educating readers that it’s good, but it’s going to be even better by the time we start the roll out to the rest of the domestic fleet. Really great read.”

Splunk .conf 2016, Orlando, September 2016


  • “… the whole Splunk team was thrilled to have you in Orlando and were absolutely pleased with your in-depth reporting from .conf. So many thanks for your hard work, it’s been lovely working with you!”

NetSuite SuiteWorld 2016, San Jose, May 2016

Epson Formula 1, Melbourne, March 2016


“I really appreciate the coverage. Especially given the noise in the restaurant, you have written a thorough a well-researched piece covering the many topics discussed and more.”

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