Public speaking

I am an experienced and professional public speaker and panel host. Please contact me if I can serve you at your event.

I combine deep, up-to-date knowledge of technology trends with real-world CIO experience, business knowledge and humour.

Some topics I can deliver:

  • Why the cloud matters, and what are the biggest trends right now in IT
  • Lessons for a new IT Manager / CIO
  • The most important skills for your tech team: integrity, diligence, vigilance
  • Living a life that matters
  • A scrum and micro-service approach to modernising legacy applications

Here is Diamond IT’s speaker page where I presented on business intelligence and its benefits.

Here is a sample from ABC NewsRadio, where I spoke about Amazon’s Alexa and other smart home assistants and whether they are safe in your home.

Here is a presentation I gave to Knowledge Ridge, on why giving access to data can be the most transformative project you will perform.


On modernising legacy applications …

On data as your company’s most strategic asset …

“Great to hear David M Williams talking about transforming business …”

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